Feb 022016

Now if you’ve followed along with any of my advice on making jerky, then you’re now going to be in for a treat. I’ve been making the stuff for years and I have some great tips on how to make an amazingly flavorful BBQ beef jerky. Rather than provide you with a list of ingredients, I’ve found that it’s more helpful if I can share the fine points. Most people get going from there.

  • Always marinate. I mean always. Never skimp on the time you marinate your meat. Running lean on the time will make the meat have no flavor. So as a rule of thumb, hit your meat with at least a day or two of a flavorful brine.
  • Cut it thin. I cut it thin because I like thin jerky. It comes out crunchy sometimes if I make it too thing. This is more a matter of preference, but I go really thin when I’m slicing up my rump.
  • Always re-dip. I learned this secret from a wild woman who used to hunt her own game meats. She taught me to re-dip about halfway through a drying session. This injects so much more flavor into the meat you wouldn’t believe it!
  • Occasionally use dry rubs. I’ve found I can get a lot of flavor on the jerky if I rub it down with a great dry rub right as soon as it comes out of the dehydrator or smoker.
  • Try a smoker and a dehydrator. Don’t just get stuck into using one or the other. Try either or and see how you like the flavor. After all, some people find that they can’t live without the smokey flavor only a smoker can give you.
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