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New laptops are great. They run quickly and are responsive to your every need. Over time, however, as new files are added and your browsing history grows, laptops unfortunately run more slowly. Use these tips to speed up the performance of your laptop computer.

1. Review And Upgrade Your Anti-Virus Software.

This software does a great job of keeping malicious software out of your laptop. On the other hand, if you are running an older version of your anti-virus program, it might actually be slowing you down. Try upgrading it and then check your performance. If you are still running slowly, you may need to try out a different product.

2. Use The Uninstall Program On Your Computer.

Over time, laptops get a build up of unnecessary programs. You may have downloaded them to run a one-time program and left them to run and have wound up with some malicious malware on your device in the process. Head to Control Panel if you are running any version of Windows and select the option to uninstall a program. You can pick from a list of programs to select the ones you no longer wish to have on your laptop. Since the list includes the date each program was installed, look for the most recent downloads to pinpoint the problem.

3. Check The Health Of Your Hard Drive.

Nothing will slow a laptop down faster than a hard drive that is either completely full or that has been corrupted. Head online to look for free diagnostic tests to see how healthy your hard drive is. You can either repair the hard drive, or, if the hard drive is full, you may need to either replace it or hook up an additional external hard drive to your device. Done successfully, this process can boost your performance dramatically.

4. Clean It Up. Laptops are dust collectors, as are other electronic devices.

If you haven’t done a spring cleaning lately, head to your local computer store and pick up some canned air. Use this to dislodge any built up dust around the fan and the internal works of your laptop to help it run more coolly. It’s astonishing how much a quick clean up can do in terms of speed.

5. Reinstall Your Operating System.

If all else fails, you may need to do some serious rearranging. Make sure that you have plenty of time on your hands before you start, because it can take a long time to complete from start to finish. Make sure that you have a data backup available, since the hard drive will be reformatted when you reinstall the operating system.

Laptops are convenient. You can work anywhere with them as long as wifi is available. By using these five tips, you will be able to keep your laptop running at top speeds and get your work done without being irritated by slow load times. If you have found a trick or tip that really works when it comes to improving the performance of your laptop, let us know.

6. Hire a Professional.

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